Y2i has long believed that Year 10 Israel programs are a catalyst for Jewish connection both at an individual and communal level. Attempting to prove this, in 2023 Y2i commissioned Rosov Consulting (a leading international consulting firm that evaluates Israel programs) to undertake a large-scale longitudinal follow up study of our 2015 and 2016 Y2i alumni.

The survey was designed to evaluate the impact Year 10 Israel programs had on alumni’s attitudes, knowledge and behaviours toward Jewish life and Israel.

Findings from the survey solidified what we at Y2i know to be true – that Year 10 Israel programs make a difference.

After distributing the survey to 506 alumni, Y2i received 246 responses from BJE and Jewish Day School participants. What we found was that Y2i supported Israel programs are having a significant impact on the continuing Jewish lives of its alumni.

Seven to eight years after their Y2i experience, a large portion of alumni credit Y2i’s influence as an impetus for getting involved with Jewish life and Israel.


feel a strong sense of connection to their Jewish heritage


feel a stronger sense of belonging to their Jewish community


feel a strong sense of connection and responsibility to Israel

We discovered that 92% of alumni feel a strong sense of connection to their Jewish heritage and 81% who feel a stronger sense of belonging to their Jewish community, credit their participation in a Y2i supported program with strengthening those sentiments.

According to a BJE alum and Rosov survey participant, “My Y2i Year 10 trip made me realise that Judaism can be integrated into our daily lives and society, and I really appreciated that. It heightened my awareness of Jewish aspects that I hadn’t been exposed to before in Australia.”

Moreover, 81% of alumni who volunteer for local Jewish organisations credit their participation in a Y2i supported program in providing the impetus to do so.

Importantly, 77% of alumni have been back to Israel at least once since Y2i. Close to 40% participated in a trip or program in Israel for the duration of at least four months.

“I think that the trip was the first time that I really felt connected to Israel, because I really understood why Israel is so important. For me, the trip was the spark that turned into something that eventually made me spend nine months in Israel”, says Jewish School alum and Rosov survey participant.

We are incredibly proud to be able to say that Y2i’s impact is tangible. In 2014, we set out to maximise participation in transformational Year 10 Israel education programs. With up to 95% of Jewish school cohorts embarking on these life-changing trips, and an increase in BJE program participation of 373%, we have surely done this. Now, we have evidence to confirm that these trips truly do shape Jewish journeys that span far beyond the programs themselves.

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