After Israel

Your Y2i trip was one step on your lifetime journey...

You may be wondering what’s next.

How can I learn more about Judaism, how can I connect more with others in the community and how can I continue to develop my Jewish identity?

Explore the many ways you can stay connected. Whether its post high school Israel programs, volunteering opportunities, or participating in a youth movement, the choice is yours.

At School

Your school (or BJE if you are not at a Jewish school) has many opportunities to get more involved in the community and to discover more about Judaism and where you fit. If you’re at a Jewish school feel free to contact the Jewish Life team if there is an area you would specifically like to explore.

For those of you not at Jewish schools, BJE run a variety of programs both at and outside of school. Visit BJE or connect with them on social media to find out what is going on.

Youth Movements

Youth movements are an incredible way to say involved and have fun with friends. Jewish youth movements empower and engage their participants to be active in the community and look to make a difference in the world. In NSW and ACT there are a range of youth movements with different ideologies, so there is a place for everyone.

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There are a multitude of volunteering opportunities within the Jewish community for high school students, university students and beyond. You may have heard about some of the organisations – AUJS, CSG, JewishCare – but they are not the only ones. There are many organisations that can offer you interesting and fulfilling volunteer positions, depending on your age, skills and time availability.

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Post High School Israel Programs

Your Year 10 trip is just the start of your Israel journey. There are many different programs available, each offering a different Israel experience including professional and educational development, sightseeing and adventure, volunteering and unique cultural experiences. Program lengths vary from a few months to a few years.

Post high school programs are very different to Year 10 programs. They both provide a space to explore personal and Jewish identity, but at two different life stages. You will learn more about yourself and continue your journey to find your unique place in the world. Y2i greatly encourages participation in both programs for the full Israel experience and personal growth.

Masa Israel Journey is the leader in immersive Israel experiences for young Jewish adults aged 16 to 35. The Zionist Federation of Australia is the local partner of Masa Israel Journey. Y2i works closely with ZFA and Masa and we encourage you to check out their website


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