Impact of Y2i

In 2014, Y2i (Youth 2 Israel) set out with the primary goal of increasing participation in Year 10 Israel programs. By providing discretionary subsidies of up to $5,000, Y2i wanted to broaden the scope of students eligible to attend these life-changing trips by lessening the financial strain on families.

Our purpose is to invigorate Jewish students’ connections to Israel and help them become a part of the wider Australian Jewish community. Y2i endeavours to help Jewish youth develop their own understanding of religion and Israel during their formative years. Research has shown that Israel-based experiences of five weeks or more with fellow sixteen year olds are one of the major determinants of Jewish continuity.



Participation of students at Jewish schools


Increase in participation of students at non Jewish schools

Y2i’s aim of helping Year 10 Israel programs become more affordable has seen a significant uptake in participation, with over 2,000 students having participated in Y2i approved programs since 2014. These programs include the four NSW Jewish Day Schools and BJE, who provide the opportunity for students from non-Jewish Day Schools to attend a Year 10 Israel program.

Since Y2i’s inception, Israel program attendance for Jewish Day Schools has increased to 9%. In 2022, BJE has sent their largest ever contingent of 125 non-Jewish Day School students from NSW, ACT and QLD to Israel – a 373% increase since 2014.

Each year the number of students participating in Year 10 Israel Programs continues to rise. While the participation rate in the Jewish Day Schools is now very high, improving the non-Jewish Day School student participation in the BJE Israel Program remains a high priority for Y2i.

In 2023 Y2i commissioned Rosov Consulting (a leading international consulting firm that evaluates Israel programs) to undertake a large-scale longitudinal follow up study of our 2015 and 2016 Y2i alumni.

The survey was designed to evaluate the impact Year 10 Israel programs had on alumni’s attitudes, knowledge and behaviours toward Jewish life and Israel.

Rosov Consulting Alumni Survey Report

Hear from program participants…

“For me, the trip enhanced my connection to my Jewish Heritage and gave me a newfound perspective towards Israel and my Jewish pride. I proudly stand up for Israel and am just very grateful to have had this experience.”

Ellie | Northern Beaches Secondary College

“The friendships I’ve formed with people on the program are much deeper and definitely more sincere than most friendships from school.”

Simone | Killara High School

“It laid a foundation for my connection to Judaism and for my love of Israel. I feel very fortunate to have had this wonderful opportunity, so I feel it is my duty to give back to my community.”

Lori | Moriah College

“I found how I can relate Judaism to myself. I relate it more to who I am in the world. I’m trying to incorporate things that my Jewish identity has into my everyday life now.”

Reece | Emanuel School

“This trip helps people who are like me, who are Jewish but not really connected to it, who wouldn’t tell people you’re Jewish. Now I’m happy to be Jewish and I if I tell someone I’m Jewish it will be with pride.”

Tali | Macquarie College

“I feel more connected to Judaism. I’m part of a family. For the rest of my life I will be proud to be a Jew and never ever say that I am not a Jew.”

Mika | Masada College

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