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2023 Impact Report

In eight years, Y2i has grown the Year 10 programs for Jewish Schools by 92%, and for non-Jewish schools by 373%. By supporting 2,160 participants since 2014, we have consolidated our next generations’ Jewish and Zionist identities, and connection to community.

Photography Project 2022

Sunrise, sunset and camels again feature heavily in the finalists for the 2022 Y2i/UIA Photography Project. The Judges' Prize went to Eitan Or for his photo "Good Vibes Only". The People's Choice Award went to Aiden Kanevsky for his photo "Climbing Masada".

Y2i 2023 Continuity Appeal sneak peek

Later this year Y2i will be running the 2023 Continuity Appeal where we will raise funds to ensure Y2i can support Year 10 Israel programs into the future. In the lead up to the appeal we spoke to some Year 10 students before they went to Israel at the end of 2022 and again after their trip. Here’s a sneak peek of what they told us about their journey.

Origins of Y2i

Year 10 Israel trips have been operating for over 30 years, but never with particularly high levels of participation. How could that be changed? Enter the Gen08 Continuity Report in 2011 and subsequent JCA Touch Points Communal Review which led to the formation of Y2i.

Impact Event 2023

The 2023 Y2i Impact Event celebrated 2,000 participants in Y2i supported programs. Guests heard from recent and past program participants, parents and educators about the impact their Year 10 Israel trip had on them, their children, the students and their schools over the years.

Y2i Day 2022

550 Year 10 and Year 11 students were together for the largest Y2i Day ever. Together they heard from Paralympian Noam Gerhony and StandWithUs' Charlotte Korchak, participated in fun activities, celebrated the first night of Chanukah and watched the Football World Cup Final.